Nur Asma’ Al Husna Binti Zulkefli – Chemical Engineer Graduate


A Chemical Engineering Graduate from University of New South Wales with less than 1 year experience as Process Technology Engineer Trainee in Oil and Gas industry and Quality Control in agriculture area. Excellent in process plant system and project research including plant design, process control, material and energy system, chemical reaction and particles.

To seek an entry level position as Chemical Engineer, Process Engineer, Quality Control, Lab Analyst or any engineering or research related position  that suit my qualification, where I can kick start my career and develop my technical skills to become an asset.


1.Koala Cherries PTY LTD Dec 2019 – Jan 2020 – Quality Control

  • Performed continual quality control checks to ensure the product packed with specifications
  • Ensured all packaging materials were available and sufficient at all times and followed safe work procedures and safety rules
  •  Developed analytical skills from the fruit sorting process to ensure only good products were packed in the final process

2.Petronas Gas Berhad Nov 2018 – Feb 2019 – Process Technology Engineer Trainee

  • Analysed and monitored the process plant efficiency trend using PI Data to identify if any leakage or other substantial problem occur within the plant
  • Involved in Hydraulic Calculation for piping and gas flow restructuring project to ensure the plant operated at optimal condition
  • Engaged in Piping & Instrumentation Diagram analysis during the decommissioning project and developed deep understanding in process control system
  • Developed project planning skills through the information technology development project for the department trainee


Process Design Project (Silica Management and Heat Recovery of Geothermal Power Plant)

  • Experienced the real-life research project in team of 5 to propose a solution process design to the geothermal power plant company in Indonesia that facing a major scaling in the pipes due to the high concentration of silica from the natural resources
  • Worked as the project technical lead which challenged my analytical and problem-solving skills to propose the best plant development design
  • Heavily involved in mass and energy balance calculation throughout the project to estimate
    the suitable equipment required for the process
  • Developed engineering drawing skills and design calculations in accordance to the
    specifications and regulation act from the equipment sizing and plant design layout
  • Successful completion with Distinction

Thesis Project (Interrelationships of Nanofiltration Membrane Performance with Membrane Surface Charge at Different Solution Chemistry)

  • Developed analytical and research skills throughout a 1-year long research on different
    types of industrial nanofiltration membrane used to investigate the effect of membrane
    surface charge in water treatment process
  • Heavily involved in team and individual projects to gain research experience in lab work
  • Successful completion with Distinction for the presentation and professional research report


  • Basic Programming Language – C++, HTML, MATLAB
  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of Software – Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint,
    Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook, Visio), MATLAB, AutoCAD, Aspen


  • Effective Communication skills, developed confidence in communication from the engagement with
    the communities during the volunteering and presentation done. Excellent in report writing for
    project proposal and research findings
  • Effective Management skills, active member in organisation which highly require time management
    skills to handle both study and the organisation project
  • Teamwork and Leadership skills, actively participated and led group of colleagues during the industrial training and university courses projects. Had experiences as project technical lead and project manager. Effectively managed and fairly distributed the workload to the member according to their capability
  • Excellent Research, involved in many research projects during the university courses such as geothermal power plant design project and investigation of the industrial membrane for the water treatment purpose.
  • Excellent in Technical  theory and problem solving, managed to solve many challenging engineering technical calculation and problem during the industrial training and study courses such as material and energy balance for power plant and hydraulic calculation for the gas pipe restructuring.


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